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The Final

February 28, 2011


Hello, everyone! Time to begin prepping for the final. Fortunately, with the change logs and statements you’ve been writing all quarter, you’ve already started that process. Now it’s time to articulate what you learned this quarter and communicate that learning through various media. There shouldn’t be any math involved, tho. The final consists of two […]

Statement #2

February 14, 2011

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Hello, all! For this second statement, I’d like you to first review: Your first statement (and take notes where necessary, perhaps as a comment at the bottom of your own entry), All of your change logs (and again take notes where necessary), and The readings (i.e., Daniel, Vallier, Siebert, and Cohen & Rosenzweig). Then, in […]

A Workflow

January 18, 2011

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Ok, folks: now that we have some semblance of order in our six primary clusters, our next step might be establishing a clear and tangible “workflow” within and across those clusters. During class on Wednesday (the 19th) we’ll begin articulating that workflow. For now, let’s synopsize who is doing what. (Note: since this entry is […]

Theory & Archives

January 4, 2011

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For Monday’s class (on January 10th), please read the following articles: “Sound Archiving Close to Home: Why Community Partnerships Matter” (PDF), by John Vallier, Notes 67.1 (2010) “Hybrid Practices” (PDF), by Sharon Daniel, Cinema Journal 48.2 (2009) John Vallier will be attending our class on Monday to discuss his work, including his role in The […]

Statement #1

January 4, 2011

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Hello, everyone! For this first (rather reflective) writing assignment, I’d like you to answer a few questions in some detail: Outside of requirements and schedules, why are you taking this course? Based on the course outcomes, what—exactly—do you hope to learn from it?  (Please be specific here.) Based on the syllabus and related materials (e.g., […]


January 3, 2011

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Prior to Omeka, we’ll be learning WordPress this week. (We’ll be using WP throughout the quarter as a private but shared space for writing and development.) On top of what we do during class on Wednesday, this tutorial might be helpful for some of you. Get in touch with questions!