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Theory & Archives

January 4, 2011

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For Monday’s class (on January 10th), please read the following articles: “Sound Archiving Close to Home: Why Community Partnerships Matter” (PDF), by John Vallier, Notes 67.1 (2010) “Hybrid Practices” (PDF), by Sharon Daniel, Cinema Journal 48.2 (2009) John Vallier will be attending our class on Monday to discuss his work, including his role in The […]

Bracero Archive

January 3, 2011

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On top of giving The Crocodile Cafe Collection a gander, for Wednesday’s (January 5th) class, please also review The Bracero History Archive, which—according to—“collects and makes available the oral histories and artifacts pertaining to the Bracero program, a guest worker initiative that spanned the years 1942-1964. Millions of Mexican agricultural workers crossed the border […]

Croc Collection

January 3, 2011

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For Wednesday’s class (on January 5th), please review the University of Washington’s website for The Crocodile Cafe Collection. Among other things, be sure to read the FAQ, the preliminary list of the collection’s contents, and The Stranger article, titled “The Sound of Sumo,” on Jim Anderson. During Wednesday’s class, it would be great to discuss […]