Croc Collection

January 3rd, 20111:44 am @

Croc Collection

For Wednesday’s class (on January 5th), please review the University of Washington’s website for The Crocodile Cafe Collection. Among other things, be sure to read the FAQ, the preliminary list of the collection’s contents, and The Stranger article, titled “The Sound of Sumo,” on Jim Anderson.

During Wednesday’s class, it would be great to discuss who in the class is familiar with The Crocodile, who has attended shows there (and when), and what is people’s general familiarity with DIY culture and music in the Puget Sound region.  For instance, have you seen/heard any bands on that list? Do you know any of them?

Also, we should speak to the growing popularity of digital collections (including audio collections), which ones are familiar to us, and what—as means of presenting and preserving history—they might entail.

Sound good? See me with questions.