Bracero Archive

January 3rd, 20112:12 am @

Bracero Archive

On top of giving The Crocodile Cafe Collection a gander, for Wednesday’s (January 5th) class, please also review The Bracero History Archive, which—according to—“collects and makes available the oral histories and artifacts pertaining to the Bracero program, a guest worker initiative that spanned the years 1942-1964. Millions of Mexican agricultural workers crossed the border under the program to work in more than half of the states in America.”

During Wednesday’s class, we should chat about this Archive not only in terms of how it is designed, but also in terms of how it represents history, who it represents, and through what mechanisms (e.g., “Tell Your Story”), media (e.g., audio, images, and documents), languages, and contexts (e.g., teaching,  labor studies, immigration, resources, and race).

If you could, then please read at least the “About” page and carefully study at least one item in the archive. Be prepared to discuss that one item during Wednesday’s class.

And if you feel overwhelmed by the 3161 items in the archive, then no worries: we’ll be referring to The Bracero History Archive frequently throughout the quarter.

(Image above is a screen shot of the Archive.)