Statement #1

January 4th, 201112:57 am @

Statement #1

Hello, everyone! For this first (rather reflective) writing assignment, I’d like you to answer a few questions in some detail:

Outside of requirements and schedules, why are you taking this course?

Based on the course outcomes, what—exactly—do you hope to learn from it?  (Please be specific here.)

Based on the syllabus and related materials (e.g., The Crocodile Cafe Collection), what’s one (and only one!) thing that sticks out to you as curious or intriguing about the course? That is, at this early juncture in the course, what’s some specific thing you want to know more about? And why?

What have you already learned (perhaps at the UWB) that you believe will help you contribute to collaborations in this class?

What is your primary cluster preference? (You are not committing quite yet).

What is your secondary cluster preference? (Ditto. This is not a commitment.)

Feel free to write informally.

Please categorize your response under “statement 1”. At the beginning of Monday’s class, please be prepared to present a condensed version of your response to the entire class (in approximately one minute). Whatever you present in that minute is up to you. But I will ask you to write your cluster preferences on the board. Ok?

Start writing and/or see me with questions.