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January 4th, 20111:23 am @

Theory & Archives

For Monday’s class (on January 10th), please read the following articles:

“Sound Archiving Close to Home: Why Community Partnerships Matter” (PDF), by John Vallier, Notes 67.1 (2010)

“Hybrid Practices” (PDF), by Sharon Daniel, Cinema Journal 48.2 (2009)

John Vallier will be attending our class on Monday to discuss his work, including his role in The Crocodile Cafe Collection.

For that discussion, please be prepared to chat with him about: (1) The Croc Collection and (2) “communal archiving.” Write down a question or two that you might ask him on Monday.

Also consider how “communal archiving” intersects with Daniel’s concept of the “context-provider.” (If you are interested, then you might also check out Daniel’s Public Secrets project, which she references in her article.) Both of these terms will play a central role in the course this quarter.  What are the stakes of these terms in both theory and practice? What’s their relation to “archiving”? What do they ask of us as we collaboratively compose an online exhibit?

Get in touch with questions about the readings or the like!