The Lab

Each of our meetings will occur in the STF-funded Digital Media Lab 121 (located in UW2-121), which is equipped with 24 iMac stations that contain professional-level, Macintosh-platform digital media software as well as simpler digital media-making applications. The room is intended for both classroom instruction as well as serving as an open lab space where students, faculty, and staff can drop in to work on their digital media-related projects.

Outside of our class meetings, the lab’s on-site digital media tutors are available to guide students, faculty and staff on digital media-related projects during all open lab hours. In addition to their digital media tutoring services, staff from our Learning Technologies department can provide workshops, class orientations to the Lab, class orientations to specific tools in the Lab, and tutorial services for faculty or staff who wish to expand their digital media skills. They also work with faculty to develop or refine digital media-related assignments for courses across disciplines.

As a student in this course, you will be granted key card access to the lab during off-hours and weekends (when the lab is typically locked). If you encounter difficulty accessing the lab during those hours, then let me know. I will communicate with the lab staff on your behalf.

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