There are no prerequisites for this course. I assume no previous familiarity with digital media or Omeka. I also welcome students from a broad range of backgrounds, with a variety of educational and professional investments. At any point during the course, please feel free to ask about, or make recommendations for, how the course may be best configured with your educational and professional trajectories. The project-based approach of the course should be amenable to such configurations.

That said, to do well in the course, you should be able to blend the production of digital media with cultural theory (especially theories of representation). In other words, the course material (not to mention my teaching style) generally resists the notion that technical questions and practices are distinct from intellectual ones.

As a media production workshop, this course will:

  • Not rely heavily on lecture,
  • Require you to collaborate often in small groups,
  • Include frequent presentations in front of the class, and
  • Ask you to be a self-starter, tinkering and experimenting with software, platforms, and interfaces that may be unfamiliar to you.
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