Change Logs: With the exception of Week 1 and Finals Week, by 5 p.m. every Thursday you will be asked to submit a “Change Log” for the course. While I will give you time (approximately ten to fifteen minutes) at the end of each Wednesday meeting to begin your change log, you will likely need more time to complete it. Each log must include the following: (1) contributions and changes you (in particular) made to the class Omeka exhibit that week, (2) a detailed, self-aware account of what you learned that week of class, and (3) a statement on what your cluster needs to accomplish during the next week of class. In each Change Log, I encourage you to include relevant video, images, links, and audio. Change Logs will be submitted on the course blog. I will comment on them intermittently over the course of the quarter.  Change Logs are 25% of your final grade.

Weekly Presentations: With the exception of Week 1 and Finals Week, each Monday your clusters will be asked to give informal “lightning” presentations on what you need (or wish) to achieve during class that week. You should arrive at class prepared to present. I encourage you to include handouts, slides, websites, video, or the like in your weekly presentations. All presentations will be subject to critique and response from your peers and me. They should be concise and between one and two minutes in duration. Weekly Presentations are included in your participation grade.

Final Reflection: At the end of the quarter, you will be asked to write a final, approximately 1000-word reflection on what you learned during the quarter. For this assignment, I will provide a detailed prompt. As with the Change Logs, I encourage you to include relevant video, images, links, and audio. To help you document your learning, I will also ask you to write two brief statements (no more than 250 words) about your investments in the course at the beginning and middle of the course. These two statements must be submitted prior to the final reflection, which will be considered incomplete without them.

The Final Exhibit, namely the online Omeka exhibit we are collaboratively composing: While it is not required that the final exhibit is published for public access, it is a goal for the quarter. The exhibit should be accompanied by a post-quarter sustainability plan, for which I will provide a detailed prompt.

Throughout the quarter, you will be a member of two “class clusters” (of five or six students). Ideally, you will be able to select the clusters in which you participate. One cluster will be your primary cluster, which will make executive decisions about some aspect of our class Omeka exhibit. Your secondary cluster will review executive decisions made by a primary cluster, giving you an opportunity to provide feedback. I recommend that you select at least one cluster that seems new to you. The clusters are divided into three categories, with two clusters in each. Your two clusters cannot fall under the same category.

Curation and Interpretation: (1) Asset Selection and Interpretation (2) Metadata and Media Production

Design and Usability: (1) Theme, Code, and Interface (2) Usability, Standards, and Networking

Outreach and Culture: (1) Communicating with Partners (2) History, Credibility, and Representation

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