Final grades (on a 4.0 scale) will be determined using the following percentages and criteria:

In-Class Participation (30% of the grade)

Participation in this course is about a network of ideas: sharing thoughts and talking with, supporting, and listening to others. Class time will often be spent in large/small group conversations and workshops. Collaborative learning and collaborative teaching add interest, excitement, and investment to the classroom experience. Each helps students brainstorm for their projects, unpack concepts, learn from others, and develop proficiency in how to constructively critique other people’s work. That said, all of these aspects of in-class participation—not to mention your Weekly Presentations and arriving to class on time and prepared—will be included in your participation grade.

Final Reflection (30% of the grade)

Your two statements (beginning and middle of the quarter) and the final reflection should respond to their prompts, be submitted on time, and situate your work in relation to the course learning outcomes (articulated above).

Change Logs (25% of the grade)

All Change Logs should be submitted on time (by 5 p.m. each Thursday), detailed, self-aware, and reviewed prior to publication on the course blog. Please include example media and links when appropriate.

Final Exhibit (15% of the grade)

The final Omeka exhibit and its post-quarter sustainability plan will be evaluated based on agreed-upon outcomes collaboratively authored by everyone in the class. At the end of the quarter, the exhibit will be presented in class by all clusters. Each cluster will be asked to present the exhibit from their perspectives, including how they contributed to the exhibit. Everyone in the class will receive the same grade for the final exhibit.

To give you a sense of where you are in the course, I will provide you with a mid-quarter interim evaluation. The interim evaluation is just that: an indicator of your grade, but not permanent or inscribed on your record for the quarter.

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