Giant Brains!

March 31st, 201111:37 am @


Giant Brains!

Hope all’s well, folks. On Thursday the 31st and Tuesday the 5th, we’ll be watching The Machine that Changed the World: Giant Brains (1992), with a running time of sixty minutes. As a reminder: plan for approaching the film in fragments. We’ll stop it often, discuss, take notes, and so on.

From the perspective of film, keep in mind that this video recording is intended as a historical account of computers and their development. That said, we might attend to how computers and computers users/researchers are represented in the film and to what effects on our contemporary understanding of computer culture. Who is included and how? Who is not? In what contexts or settings do we see computers? Why?

Topically, keep an ear out for keywords such as: program, efficiency, progress, speed, intelligence, human being, machine, error, and—of course—brain!

I’m looking forward to the conversation, both on Twitter and in class.

(Image above, of ENIAC, is care of Wikipedia.)