VJ Session

May 17th, 20117:39 pm @


VJ Session

Hello, everyone! Hope this finds you well. Here’s the prompt for your VJ sessions.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate a knowledge of the course material by collaboratively adding what you believe is missing from it.
  • Successfully teach the class about a keyword at the intersection of the history of computers and the history of film.
  • Persuasively communicate (in less than an hour) why your keyword matters.
  • Engage the class in a way that is conversational in character, using film clips and other media in so doing.

Your VJ session should:

  • Consume between fifty and fifty-five minutes of the class period.
  • Begin with at least two learning outcomes for the session. (Consider writing them on the board or displaying them via the projector.)
  • Be collaboratively organized around a single keyword, which you should introduce to the class in the early portion of the session.
  • Clearly and succinctly explain why your keyword matters and how attention to it addresses a gap in the course material. (Mention the gap, too, and perhaps how/why you identified it.)
  • Demonstrate that you did your research. (Who in technology studies or film studies is known for writing about your keyword? What books, events, technologies, concepts, or films are most important? Why?)
  • Include a clip or clips of relevant films.
  • Integrate other forms of presentation (e.g., PowerPoint, Prezi, video, whiteboard, or a handout) for students and me to follow as a guide.
  • Be pedagogical in character, functioning as an opportunity for you to use various approaches (e.g., cluster work, group conversation, Twitter stream, or lecture) to engage students and me in learning about your keyword, the history of film, and the history of computers.
  • Be creative. Feel free to take risks and experiment here.

Please see me with questions! You will draw numbers to see which group goes when. Thanks again! Looking forward to these. They should be fun!