Final grades (on a 4.0 scale) will be determined using the following percentages and criteria:

In-Class Participation (30% of the grade)

Participation in this course is about a network of ideas: sharing thoughts and talking with, supporting, and listening to others. Class time will often be spent in large/small group conversations and workshops. Collaborative learning and collaborative teaching add interest, excitement, and investment to the classroom experience. Each helps students brainstorm for their projects, unpack concepts, learn from others, and develop proficiency in how to constructively critique other people’s work. That said, all of these aspects of in-class participation—not to mention arriving to class on time and prepared—will be included in your participation grade.

Your contributions to the class backchannel (on Twitter) are also included in your participation grade.

Response Papers (40% of the grade)

Your weekly, one-page response papers will collectively count for nearly half of your grade. There are nine total, each emerging from in-class discussions, without a specific prompt.

Cluster-Based VJ Sessions (10% of the grade)

Your collaborative VJ session (conducted during one class toward the quarter’s end) will be assessed based upon how persuasively you engage existing discussions during class, what you add to those discussions, and how well-prepared you are to present.

Final Paper (20% of the grade)

Your final paper (two pages) should reflect on the class (including the approaches to film and computer culture we discuss). I will provide a detailed prompt for the assignment.

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