Week 1: IntroductionsClose

Friday, September 9th


Overview: When we think about the humanities, what assumptions come to mind? How do we imagine or picture research being conducted in the field? What’s the function of humanities research? And how, if at all, would engaging in computational analysis, new media, markup languages (e.g., XML or HMTL), or interface design influence that research? Of course, this last question prompts us to wonder what we assume about all things digital, too. What do computers do, exactly? What should they do, what do we want them to do, and how should they intersect with knowledge-making and communication? When unpacking these questions, we might find the following video by Michael Wesch informative. (This term, we will study most of the things he references in the video.)



We might also wonder whether the Internet is making us stupid, or if technologies are negatively affecting how we attend to, say, a 200-page book. Consider what Nicholas Carr says below. Do you buy it?



Reading Due: None


Assignments Due: None


Outcomes: Say hello to each other, and to the digital humanities.


Index image by Windell Oskay.

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